Juices from Hirvensalmi, Finland

Novelty: Blueberry-lingonberry 

The juicy mixture of blueberry and lingonberry in the form of whole juice in a handy 2,5 dl bottle!

Aten Mustikka-puolukka-täysmehu

Apple-Sea Buckthorn Whole Juice

Fresh apple and top healthy sea buckthorn as a ready-to-drink mixture!

Aten Omena-Tyrni-täysmehu

Cold pressed berry juices

Berry juices


We prepare juices by cold pressing method of wild and garden berries. The quality of our juices is guaranteed by high-quality berries, which we always revise before manufacturing them.

The most part of the berries used in our juices is originated in Finnish forests and gardens. We do not add water into our juices – all liquid comes from the berries. We prepare whole juices, the berry content of which is 100 %. The berry content of our lightly sweetened juices is 85-90 %.

You can find our products, for example, in the following stores: Lidl nationwide, well-equipped K stores, regional consumer cooperatives Suur-Savo and Etelä-Karjala.


Tasty berries

As raw materials we use wild berries: blackberry, lingonberry, cranberry, sea buckthorn berry, black crowberry and of the garden berries blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberry.

Quick deep-freezing

Juicy, ripe berries are immediately frozen after their picking. We also offer qualified freezing service.

Cold pressing

Juices are prepared using the cold pressing method, which converses the rich vitamins and subtle aromas of the berries.

Production holding

The appropriate production holding and the modern machinery enable the optimal storage and processing of the berries.



Outlet store

In our outlet store there are our juices, jams and jellies, and also frozen berries. There is a wide range of local farmers’ food products and handcraft available. There is also a cafeteria serving our customers. Kindly let us know in advance if you have a big group planning a visit to the outlet store. Welcome!